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Monday, April 27, 2009
so sorry. meant to post yesterday but err, some distractions came up. D:

i am still pretty much distracted right now so imma do this quick and go. :D

erm. starting off from Saturday which imo was a quite a sucky day. as most would know, i had MUET in the morning which was a bad way to start off the day. the papers were HORRIBLE. i did badly. i really did. reading was as usual confusing with all the similar answers and stuff. writing was even worse. i spent too much time on my task 1. my task 2 was the worst essay i have ever written, seriously. my points were plain crap. x/ my brain couldn't function and the time just kept ticking away. listening was.. bleh. i spelt amenities wrongly! && well, i just did really badly. i pray pray pray that i would at least get a band 5. it all depends on my speaking now and God only knows how i suck at that. o.o" if my results are not that good, i think i'm gonna take it again.

then youth. games. == Ductus was last. techically, Kepimpinan was but they weren't in the camp. so ya. its okay i guess. lol. now Jill has to go to the dinner thing alone. again. xD

end of sucky Saturday.

sunday was eventless.

today was ehh, normal. lol. i got a bit high on caffeine this afternoon and even more during Maths tuition for like 1 minute cus of this one person or boy 0.0 and he's really cute and erm, yea i'm starting to sound like a paedophile. but he's sooooo adorable, like capable but adorable. i mean you don't get that often ya know. and okay, i should stop.

a warning to future form 6-ers, don't get yourself into lots of clubs.
there's a lot of work to do. and very little time to do them.
and these words of wisdom are from experience.
you have no idea how swamped i am right now. even for things that are not my responsibility. 0.0 i know y'all will say that i'm stupid but well, i really had no choice. can't wait for the lower sixers to come in. its time to pass the torch. :D

but now's my time to go.


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