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Thursday, April 02, 2009
after morning assembly yesterday..

Nigel: Hey, Joan come here for a while. *pulls me to the side and starts talking in a serious tone*
How long have we known each other?
Me: Erm, since last year?
Nigel: Ya. I want to get to know you better. like really really better.
Me: uh huh. *stares at him with big wide eyes*
Nigel: Will.. you be my girlfriend?
Me: *continues staring* but don't you have a girlfriend?

then some teacher asked him to do something for her so he left. i walked over to BK and the gang and i heard them talking about pranks and stuff and *lightbulb on* i realised it was freakin' April Fools Day! LOL. i knew that it was April Fools but it totally slipped my mind at that time.

SIGH. then some where near recess..

Siew Toong: I wanna buy ticket.
Boon Hooi: I wanna buy ticket too.
Siew Toong: Oh btw, are the primers coming for the outing this saturday?
Me: What outing?
Siew Toong: Edwin didn't tell you?
Me: No. and Teik Sern said it was gonna be a normal meeting. What outing?! Go where?
Siew Toong: Go KL la. Times Square and stuff.
Me: How much?
Siew Toong: Rm30 or RM40. just going there in the morning and coming back at night. eh, 30 or 40 ah?
Boon Hooi: I think its 30 laa.

goshhhh. i seriously fell for that. they are so evil! i was already super stressed about the ticket sales and they come and do that to me. i nearly became the youngest to ever die of a heart attack!

i really don't like April Fools Day.

and in between all those pranks, there were smaller ones like random boys pointing at your shoes or skirt. so you'll look down when there's actually nothing there and they'll burst into laughter. ya, i fell for that like 3 times. it was a horrible day to sell tickets. it was like putting myself out there to be pranked by every single person i walk past. =.=

half the time, i kept wondering if it was all a dream. kept wondering if i'll wake up to find it being a part of an even bigger prank.


that's it for my April Fools. its not as bad and it was the most eventful April Fools i ever had. so thanks for freakin' me half to death. (: heard there were worse though. the prefects having fun scaring the students. someone ate Oreo with toothpaste in it. xD

& to all still interested in the drama, tickets are still for sale!


bling bling like LED.


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