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Sunday, April 05, 2009
slept really early last night, had to miss Gray's Anatomy. went for Palm Sunday Service. had it with the Punjabis. it was really cool with the drums and the worship and even the sermon in their language. there were translations of course.

COP youth and their dance performance.

pastor's from Spore. not sure what his name is. he spoke in Sikh and translated them to english or the other way around.

there was a mouse dancing very happily in a tiger's wedding. (it was a Punjabi wedding, thus the dancing.) some random animal asked the mouse, "why are you dancing so happily in a tiger's wedding?" Mouse replies, "oh, i'm related to him." random animal replied, "how?" mouse said, "everyone's a tiger before they get married."


after the service. erm, kristal's kinda blocked.

* * *

i still can't watch the last part of BOF. ish.
anyway, i gotta walk over to Giant to get my aunt's gift.
goodnight. have a nice Monday!

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