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Friday, April 17, 2009
would i be a true ACS-ian if i have never experienced Canteen Day in ACS?
definitely not.

it was the most chaotic event i have ever been to.
it was loud and there were people all over the place and the canteen was smoky cuz of the sate stall. lol.

the food was to say the very least, bearable.
i shall not comment further about it.

after school ended, we had our BK Quiz.
i didn't really study, so hopefully i did not fail it. >< oh oh. i felt so bad today cuz i told a fib and he really thought it was true. it made me absolutely happy really but.. haha. i told him 권지용 is my boyfriend. it was written at the back of my file and he saw it. the thing is he believed me, even when i said he's Korean and we met online. i mean what are the odds i'm gonna have an Internet bf? even weirder was he asked me if we quarrel a lot. odd question isn't it? ah, i better spill the beans soon but let me be happy about it for a while first. :DD on another note, being in ACS has totally deteriorated my English. which reminds me, we marked our reading and listening papers today. gah, i hate true, false, not stated questions. annoying things they are. anyway, i shall take my leave and have an early night. to some, 11pm may not be early but to me its superbly early. Goodnight. God Bless. (:

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