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Saturday, March 14, 2009
i can't believe i didn't blog for like a whole week. i'm definitely losing my touch.

but like Jill wrote, it was all exams and nothing else. although i did learn one very important lesson, one that i had learnt tons of times before but never registered, to never ever go through the night attempting to study and not sleep. its a well known fact that it doesn't work. however, i only felt the true impact of those words when i sat for my maths paper and nothing came out. my mind was an empty piece of paper with vague imprints of numbers and formulae i already know and should know. it was horrible and i'm never doing it again. felt so mad at myself cus i know the answer's somewhere at the back of my head but it just won't come out. gahh.

moving on, stpm results came out on tuesday, spm on thursday. one is a place where i will be in next year and the other is a place where i should be in this year. lol. its okay if you don't get what i mean. sometimes, i wish i did have another year, maybe i could have done better. sigh. but then i'll be a totally different person now if that did happen.

ahh, my layout is so pretty isn't it? xD

DC camp's tmr. eek. haven't pack.

goodnight. (:

indeed, it is a love story that ended before it even started.

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