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when denial became reality.
Monday, February 16, 2009
today was an unbelievably hilarious day. i have never seen someone get so much "constructive criticisms" on an essay. some of them though are just plain mean.

currently waiting for episode 13 of BOF. i can't believe Jenny doesn't think Kim Bum is cute. @.@ at least she said Hyun Joong still can be looked at. be happy, Rachel! xD stayed back today to march but noone else did. sigh. 4 more days to sports day and not a single thing has been done. its scary how things get done in ACS.

finally got my Commonwealth essay done about 2 something this morning. not entirely satisfied with it. i think i'm gonna go fix it for the sake of fixing it cus i've already handed up my essay. lol. if you wanna read, i posted it in my lj. i have a feeling if i write 'comments are appreciated', you ppl are gonna hentam me like crazy. lol. you can comment of course but lets make it a 'constructive criticism' kinda thing kay?

i need to get back to dinner. ciao! (:


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