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Sunday, February 22, 2009
currently listening to Se7en's I know to drown out TVXQ's Mirotic in my head. which is not working.

Peace Forum was okay which is my nice way of saying it was boring. it would have been informative and all that but my dear sister tempted me to go eat in Secret Recipe. went back to the forum when the Q&A session started. so all i only got to hear one out of the three speakers speak and ppl asking supposedly 'useless' questions. that's what Dinesh said. lol.

its kinda depressing that Sports Day is done and over with. wished it was a better one. although this was the only Sports Day where i got so much attention from. lol. so maybeeee, it was a good one. ((:

yesterday we had the Kursus Sehari Pengurusan Kelab dan Persatuan which was long and sleep-inducing. really really thankful to Eric and Edwin for coming and putting up with the long talks and stuff. Dinesh found a new "friend" there. that boy was following him around the whole time. it was kinda creepy. Kenneth made him come over to where i was eating to start a convo or something. poor boy, all he wanted was to be near Dinesh, not me. Edwin told me he was the same boy that kinda followed you around, Sum. xDD

gtg adi. gotta clean up my room.
i asked "where'd you been?"
he said "ask anything."

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