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Thursday, February 26, 2009
i just got a really random, out of the blue sms from Thanush who's away somewhere doing Matriks asking me to check for her the last element in the 1st group in the periodic table. we haven't been in contact for like a month or so and this is what she sends me. LOL. this proves how close we are and friendship stuff like that.

anyway, today was an amusingly nerve wrecking day. had the Health Seminar thing which was the nerve wrecking part. teacher won't let the students out of the class, they were noisy and not paying attention to the speaker. blah. the talk was on how to manage stress which was what i really needed, what with all the stress i was feeling from handling the seminar. =.=

the amusing part happened at the later part of the day when Jenny and I had one of our rare girl talk time. i never knew she thought the ex-St John president was cute. and we both agreed that Kenneth's hair looked especially nice today. lollol.

he's starting to stalk me! how ah? why does this always happen to me? these are the times i hate being me. gahh.

moving on, Jenny told me to go watch Yunho sexy dance with some chick in their concert. so i'mma go check that out now.

goodnight! [:

p.s the answer's francium.

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