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erm. Sports Day?
Sunday, February 22, 2009
started the day busy. we only had the morning to decorate our tent. it was horrendously last minute, just like everything else. we had to get some extra stuff to decorate the tent, so me and Fendi went out on his bike (note: this was like the fifth time in my 17 years of life riding on a bike) and i was freaking out like crazy inside but acting all calm like i ride on bikes everyday outside. gosh, i was holding on to the sides of the bike so tightly. every stop, every sudden acceleration cus we were late, every turn, my heart stopped and started nearing an all out heart attack. not only that, the whole time i had to hold on to these sticks that are as tall as my shoulders which btw we didn't use in the end. =.=

as if sitting on the bike was not bad enough, my sari didn't really arrive on time and i was having a panic attack. finally, it did and two teachers helped me tie it and i was the last one to get in line. it was so last minute, i didn't check that i could walk properly in that thing. half the time on the field, i was tripping on my sandals and praying real hard my sari won't fall off. do you have any idea how stressed i was? i couldn't even smile straight. Thank God for Eric who was staring at me as if i was from another world that i managed to focus and smile properly once in a while.

when finally it ended, i had to rush to class to hand out the free drinks to the BB boys which ended up with Sum, Hong, Ivan, Ph'ng and the rest helping out. thanks a lot ya! (:

stayed till they announced the results. Tagore got third overall. BB was third in the marching competition. i was so heartbroken. )": but then prefects got first which is very rare and i was very happy for them. in conclusion, my last Sports Day of my life was a very emotional day. fear, anxiety, excitement, worried, happy, sad, frustration were felt all in the same day.

and these are some of the pics that day.

will be back to edit. got to go to some Peace forum now.


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