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weird timing.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009
its actually not, you know, weird timing. cus there is no timing in the first place. the title needed a filler. blah. i don't make sense.

anyway, there's nothing much to blog about cus i just blogged (properly, previous post does not count) like two days ago.

anyway, pic from Becky's Birthday Party.

currenty trying to write my Commonwealth essay. emphasise on the word trying. btw, searching up on tapeworms is not a very bright idea. there are just some things better left unknown contrary to Urrsula's philosophy of questioning everything. lol.

was squealing my head off from watching BIG BANG's parody of Hana Yori Dango just now. here's the link if you're interested. i'm sure you won't be but who cares. Part 1. Part 2. its eng subbed.

its 11.53pm. gonna have to write another post later. for the birthday kids. xD

goodnight. (:

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