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Sunday, January 18, 2009
started the weekend by skippping school.

After dropping Jill at school,
Mum: So much traffic. You'll be late to school. Don't go laa.
Me: Ermmm. *thinking if there's anything important i will miss. Well, i won't be able to pass up my bio book. or tell teacher my SPM no. giliran. i think that's it.* Oh, okay.

a few minutes later,
Me: *crap. can't pay the CNY lunch thingy. Edwin's gonna kill me. ahh, but its too far away to turn back now.*

btw Sum, school finished at 12.30pm, that's why you couldn't find her. lol. but thanks a lot anyway for taking the trouble. ((:

so i ended up going back home to take off my uniform that i just put on half an hour ago, dropped into bed and went back to sleep.

around 5pm, prepared to go to Becky's Birthday party. the moment i stepped into Huey Yii's car, Love Love Love started playing. *happy happy* even happier when Last Farewell started playing. the only pro i can find from knowing how to drive is that when i'm driving, i can blast BIG BANG's songs in the car. LOL.

stayed there for about an hour. met her boyfriend who looked kinda familiar. pics not here yet. Ju Dee came to fetch us to Michi's house.

the whole journey was scary. we were so afraid we would get lost. thankfully, we only got one turning wrong. ate again in her house. tosai with some coconut sauce. really nice.

this is us with Michi's college friends.

R to L: Jenny, Thanush, Rachel, Ju Dee, Me, Michi the belated birthday girl


her birthday present. pic of us during the last day of school in front. our messages at the back.

left about 11pm. drove on a very lonely and dark highway. don't know how but we ended up in KK road. luckily, Ju Dee knew where we were or we would still be lost till now. eek.

that was Saturday. and tomorrow's another week closer to CNY. yay! xD

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