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Monday, January 12, 2009
upcoming events:

TUES - Pong shirt, re-decorate Voyager board.
WED - Hari Pendaftaran, Voyager meeting
THURS - Sports Practice, SC&MT meeting, Pong meeting
FRI - BB Meeting, First CF meeting of the year
SAT - School, Becky's Bday Party, Michi's Dinner
SUN - homework and other random stuffs

i am booked solid. and i am still sneezing like an idiot. i can't taste or smell anything. my head hurts and my eyes can't see well. you generally can't when you're sniffling half the time and trying to watch TV while typing.

you know what, i should go. i still have to fix my printer so that i can print stuff. make the deco for the board. do maths. and many many others.

byeeeee. take care. lots of ppl have been getting sick lately. drink lots of water. eat fruits with lots of Vitamin C like pineapple if i remember correctly. lol

night! (:


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