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Saturday, January 24, 2009
Boys' Brigade CNY Lunch

wishing for a blessed new year!

gone in a few minutes. lol.

Mini Lou Sang. (:

ate in East Ocean Restaurant in Menglembu. there were about 5 tables of us. food was quite nice. our table had an extra dish cus Yian Fong said there's no fish when there's suppose to be a fish dish to celebrate the new year. so Jeffrey ordered a fish dish for us. he ended up eating most of it. LOL.

went to Yee Po's hse after that. was suppose to go hang with friends but the plan didn't fall through. sigh. anyway, went to her hse to get CNY cookies and be-earlied ang paus from my grandparents. && i found the cutest bear. doesn't it remind you of GD and Taeyang? xD sooo adorable. my uncle got it from the plane he was sitting on this morning.

dad's coming back tmr. i think this year will be quiet new year. hmm.

now, i shall go back to watching GD on Family Outing.


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