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Sunday, January 04, 2009
yesterday. woke up really early like at 6.30am. it was the first time i woke up when the sky was still dark since hols started. lol. went to the Rotary Conference thing. sat outside while everyone else was in the hall cus we weren't dressed formally nor were we invited. ended around 11am. went for lunch with nearly the whole prefect gang that attended the conference. now these ppl are really crazy, talking about weird things. lol. after that, Beh, me, Jenny and Jill went to MYC to prepare for the rally.

although it was drizzing a bit, many ppl came. so Youth Rally was quite a success. my games stall went quite well, i would say. at first, it was kinda quiet. then ppl came and started playing. Adrian and Sam say my stall is the easiest one among the rest. lol. met with a lot of friends that i haven't seen in a while that day too. friends from YACF and also from Elce. it was a really nice day. (: praise and worship was awesome-ish. haven't jumped for so long adi. about a dozen ppl came to accept Christ, Andrew being one of them which makes me really happy. ((:

pics as usual will come later, if there are any.

its nearly five and i haven't eaten a single thing. have to go pack my bag and stuff now. sigh.

let the misery begin.


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