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All i have are words to take your heart away.
11 days and still counting.
Monday, January 12, 2009


head a spinning, system's down
the drugs won't kick in
and so i keep sneezing

time spent awaiting, hours pass by
first time to the dentist in about three years time
was nearly drowning but the dentist was nice

time spent a munching, more hours pass by
as my mum decided to wash her hair
surveyed; cautious carol is what i got


first Primers meeting of the year
thank God, it went well
took some time though to cross the river

thought i was punctual when i was late
but i wasn't late enough
still had to get flour in my face

first Youth meeting of the year for me
and already there are decisions to be made
where oh where do i go?

the rest of the past week

school wasn't as bad as i thought it would
not that it improved much
brain's still slow from all the body having to slit into 8 parts

it ain't gonna get much easier
so i just gotta pray harder
living to lift His name high


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