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Thursday, December 04, 2008
A for Adrian
1. Do you love this person?
Unfortunately, yes.

2. Is this person your enemy?
Haven't yet.

3. Would you kiss this person?
Fortunately, no.

B for Beh

C for Calvin
1. Do you have a crush on this person?

2. Have you had a crush on this person?

3. How old is he?

D for Dinesh
1. How long have you known him?
about 6 months ago.

2. Biggest regret?
Being Art Head. lol.

3. Do you hate this person?

E for Eu Wayne
1. Have you met his parents?
i do not think so.

2. Worst thing about this person.
no idea.

3. Best thing about this person.
He's shorter than me? xD

F for Fung (Shas)
1. Have you ever dated this person?
Not that i know of.

2. When was the last time you saw him?
wow, its been quite a while.

3. Do you go to school with him?

G for Grace
1. Is she a good listener?
i think so.

2. Have you ever lied to make this person feel better?

3. Is this person attractive?
yeaaaaaa. (:

H for Hasvaany
1. What Grade is she in?

2. Is she your friend?
the bestest.

3. Ever done something illegal with this person?
we were not much of a rule breaker but we did have our fun.

I for Irene Chin
1. What is this person's favourite food?
I have no idea but i know she likes paddington bears, not sure if she eats them though.

2. How do you her?

3. Do you trust her?

J for Jenny
1. Does she have any siblings??
Yes, a brother.

2. Do you know her favourite song?
Not really. must be those tvxq songs. xD

3. What would you do if she confesses she liked you?
like as in she likes me as a friend, cus that be cool.

K for Kristagail
1. When did you two first met?
a few years back?

2. How did you meet?
my sister.

3. Ever danced with this person?

L for Lisa
1. What would you do if you had a crush on this person?
I wouldn't have a crush on her.

2. Do you like her as a friend?
i think so.

3. Would you go to Disneyland with this person?

M for Mirosha
1. Is this person older than you?

2. Is this person single?
haha. she shouldn't be.

3. How many times do you talk to her in a week?
we used to talk everyday of the week. not anymore though.

N for Nien (Shaun)
1. Is this person your boyfriend?
hahaha. no.

2. Have you seen this person cry?
i think so.

3. Do you know this person's middle name?
not really. does he have one?

O for Ooi Weng Hong
1. Are you related?

2. Could you live with this person?
maybe. we haven't tried that before.

3. What school does he goes to?
same school as mine or used to at least.

P for Ph'ng
1. Have you gone to the mall with this person?
i don't think so.

2. How about a sleepover with him?
haha. definitely not.

3. Does this person have a job?
not yet.

Q for ...
1. Does he have a crush on you?

2. Would you hug this person?

3. Is this person your friend?

R for Rachel Lim
1. Have you ever heard this person sing?
not technically but ya.

2. Do you think this person will repost this?
haha. most prob not.

3. When does this person looks best?
every hour, every minute, every second. (:

S for Steven
1. Is this person taller than you?

2. Do you enjoy spending time with him?

3. Does he live close to you?

T for Teranjeet/Thanush

U for Urrsula

V for Victory! LOL.

W for Weng Kit
1. Is this person noisy or quiet?

2. Describe this person.
he can talk about the most crappiest things.

3. What colour eyes does this person have?

X for ...
1. Why are you friends with this person?

2. Have you gone anywhere with her?

3. What is one thing you would change about her?

Y for Yong Jia Wei
1. Does this person wear makeup?
I sincerely hope not.

2. Does this person play instruments?

3. What is his favourite sport?
Sleeping in class.

Z for Zhi Hui
1. Does this person have msn?
i think so.

2. Have you gone out with him?
camp considered?

3. When will you see this person next?

i tag you.


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