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no guarantee, no possibility.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
i need someone to tell me if there're any other websites you can upload pics on cus i've been using photobucket and its been shrinking my pictures for i dunno what reason and i know there are other websites around but my brain can't seem to remember any and i'm too lazy to find them plus jill's bugging me to go away and i know that you ppl aka my readers are really helpful and resourceful ppl. so pretty please someone tell me soon, kay? THANKS! *wow, imagine me saying that in one breath. lol.*

and now i gtg. but with all the fanfics i've been reading, i am undeniably too deep in love with GD, so i gotta like spam my post with his pics. *biggrin*

he is so incredibly dorky, how could you not love him?

and look, now he's pouting at you cus he simply don't get how you can not love him.

he bids goodnight. don't you dare dream of him!

i finally understood. hallelujah!


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