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Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Low Ropes [if that is how it is spelt] starts off with a bit of balancing and climbing.

then you'll have to walk across two strings.

next is the commando crawl. which is really sucky if you're wearing shorts and you're a girl.

balancing is really important. a block of wood and a plank of wood.

next up, tyres. thanks, Danny and Yian Fong for pulling the tyres close to me so that its easier for me to cross.

nearly ending, we have the zig zag ropes. you're suppose to weave in and out of the ropes.

the upside down stairs. you can choose to walk down it or slide down it.

step on the elephant stools and we're nearly there.

last but definitely not least, at least not in height is this.

and we're done!

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