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last post of the year.
Wednesday, December 31, 2008
ahhh. i see an influx of end of the year posts already. now its my turn.

my year was boring. lol. that's one way to put it. but i did gain a lot this year, new experiences wise.

Jan to Apr:
my first job. learned quite a lot. like how to handle a photostat machine. now when i go to photostat, i feel like doing it myself cus then i can do it the way i want. learned how to use a typewriter and how to type official letters and agreements and stuff. i hanged out with adults for four whole months. that's kinda cool isn't it? lol.

then it was school. again.
in a guys' school. it was new. it was awkward. but it was alright.
school was tough. and it will be worse come next year. *sigh.*
anyway, back to this year. i can't think of anything to write anymore.

writing about time passing by too fast is too cliched.
writing about new year resolutions is too useless.

the only thing i can do is bid farewell and so long to 2008 and say a sincere prayer that next year will be better. i am not really looking forward to next year other than the fact that Seungri's Strong Baby MV is coming out tmr. LOL. and so for that sake, i welcome 2009. (:


p.s. i'll most prob edit this later. not satisfied with this post.

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