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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
lots have been happening lately. went to KL over the weekend for sun, water and last minute shopping.

yup, on saturday, me, jill and the gang went to Sunway Lagoon. RM60 for the wet park, amusement park and the extreme park. the extreme park is not even extreme unless you pay for it. and i officially declare myself a driving hazard. lol.

the rides were cool. the ship that went 360 was painful and the teacups were dizzy-fying. didn't get to sit on any rollercoaster rides though. and we didn't get to go into Scream Park cus you gotta pay extra to go in. went into the water after lunch. while we were on the float, they kept tipping us over. then later the guards shooed us away cus it was time for the surfers to you know, surf. went on most of the slides and stuff. overall, the day was pretty good and thank God, the weather was nice too. ((:

the surfers

was suppose to play pong on sunday but the club weren't open to guests on Sunday. ended up staying at home for the whole day. had some kind of be-earlied christmas dinner with family. took some polaroid pics and realised they are expired but the effect's kinda cool, isn't it? so we we finished the film anyway.

monday was tiring. wanted to go Mid Valley but we ended up in Times Square. long story there. bought what we wanted which was a scarf for mummy and a BIG BANG calendar. lol. got squished like sandwiches on the way home in the komuter train. had our dinner and fetched Mimi and Uncle Vincent to the airport. they were going to Rome. nice, isn't it? i wanna travel when i'm older too.

came back on tuesday. been home ever since. will blog again of course, to wish y'all MERRY CHRISTMAS. goodnight for now.

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