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family outing.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008
went to Cameron Highlands with well, the whole family. 15 of us in total.
it was kinda fun, i guess. needed to get out of the hse and breathe in some fresh air anyway.


me, Martina (on your left) and Margaret (on your right). you know how i recognise them? by their pants. LOL.

me, DiDi and Wen Jie. right after this pic, we saw a rabbit hopping around and we were chasing after it. ended up, we found out that there's a cage filled with bout 5 rabbits there. =.= that was random. xD

me, my Strawberry popsicle and Mummy. (:

ooooh. highlight of my trip. while we were in this Sam Poh Chi temple, this old lady/grandmother-ish person came up to me and started talking to me in chinese. this was how our convo went:

Grandma: kskdhsjfhjdbfmnbdnmfbhgruhejfjsfjslkdsfk.
Me: *smile* *nod* *smile* uhhh. yaa. *smile*
Grandma: kjfkdsiruetuioetoif,dogn veht hjhhjhashuikjfkljsfuie vieoiopiowpiero jgodja;k;lgms.
Me: *nod* *nod some more while smiling*
Grandma: khdhsajhdjbejgfsbfah whereareyoufrom sfnjsklfhnfvd?
Me: Ipoh.
Grandma: ohhh, djsakfhjhbvuegwchjsn hrjhucb ipohksnf jnfabh.
Me: *smile* *nod* (0.0'')

and it continues on for what seemes like an eternity before my mum came and rescued me. technically, she didn't even rescue me. she just came and told me to go help my real grandma down the steps. so i turned, smiled at the old lady, attempting to tell her that i'm leaving but kinda failed but she got the hint anyway and walked away.

but seriously, i was quite proud of myself. since i'm a banana and all (but i do understand mandarin and cantonese if i try really hard, just that i can't speak em well), i was able to answer the one question she asked me. *biggrin*

and i'll tell you why it was so difficult to understand what she was saying. first of all, she has like no teeth, so she was mumbling. secondly, my mum said she was from China, so her mandarin is like a way complex version of the normal mandarin you would hear. thirdly, have i mentioned that i'm a banana? so yea, big clap to mua for being polite and nice to an old lady and for not disgracing the Chinese. LOL.

now its time to sleep. finally. NIGHT & GOD BLESS!


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