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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
i was thinking about doing a post with one line but i was reading Adrian's blog and he mentioned it in an underlying "its lame" tone so i figured its better if i write two lines instead.


nah. it was a good day today. worth more than two lines. first of all, my sis got 7A's and today was the first time i have stepped into school since i left last year.

then, we had a MGS reunion lunch. so there were about 11 of us in MP and although it was suppose to start at 12pm, everyone started ordering food about 45 minutes later. all of us didn't change. we were still our awesome selves. lol. but Rachel ahhh, wow! xD she permed her hair and wore makeup. right, that's actually kinda normal cus Hasy went for grooming classes and wears makeup too. lol.

while eating, we talked and laughed quote from Beh "just like old times". sighhhh. it was like old times. really old times. its been one year. time flew, no, zoomed right past us and in a blink of an eye, this is where we are now.

blah. i'm being depressing.

sooo, after the lunch which took us two hours plus, me, Jenny, Rachel and Hasy decided to go walk walk in Parade. walked around for about two hours before Hasy had to leave. so i decided it was my time to go too. my heels were starting to hurt. lol. pics shall come later. was too busy obsessing over Gayo Dajeun and some Music Festival. ahhh, my baby's hair is so weirdly awesome! *swoons*

before i go, CONGRATS to all that got straight A's in their PMR. and if you didn't, don't worry, its not the end of the world yet.

p.s. come to the Youth Rally this Sat in MYC. starts at 4pm, i think. lol.



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