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Saturday, December 06, 2008

yup, today's my aunt's(?) wedding. she's my grandfather's brother's daughter. does that make sense to you? lol. neway, today was the day where the groom will come over to the bride's house to kinda officially meminang her. he has to like go through a few tasks and all that before he could finally get to her. poor guy. they really made him work. which made Jill excited about me getting married cus then she gets to do this to my poor future to-be husband. LOL.

and after that was the yum cha session and the younger ones (including me) got ang paus. while watching the yum cha session, it got me thinking if i were to follow these traditions when i get married, i think i'm gonna be having two weddings, one for my mum's side and one for my dad's side. lol. imagine the money and time i'm gonna have to spend. maybe i shouldn't get married, huh? or i could kahwin lari. xD

we stayed there for a while while the rest of the relatives went to this Japanese church cus i think the groom's a Christian which is really cool btw cus this means there's hope for my family, for them. amazing how God works right? ((:

after we got home, my sis decided to do a lil experiment with my hair. be marveled at her work of art. xD

lol. she insisted that i post it up of course. but of course, without her, my hair will always be a weird horrible mess. so THANKS, SIS! xP
and now, i need to go to sleep.

i'll love forever with you.


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