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bright orange pants.
Saturday, December 13, 2008
today, i had one of the shortest briefest shopping ever done in my life.

with my dad. go figure.

walked in. looked at the display of school shoes. picked one, asked for size 7 but there was no size 7 for that shoe. pointed at the one next to it. size 7? yes. have a seat. tried it on. too big? i'll get you a size 6. hmmm, feels better. okay, i'll have this one. dad pays and we're out of the shop.
imagine all that happened within 5 minutes.
and the pair of shoes is not even for me, its for my sister. =.=


Junior ran out of her cage. my mum barged into my room and woke me up which such speed, i had a headache from jumping out of the bed so quickly. luckily, we found her almost immediately and by the time i put her back into her cage, she has already found her little corner to sleep. she was even snoring, most probably from all the 'freedom' she got.


doesn't he have such a sexy back? lol.

night. (:


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