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Friday, November 07, 2008
was busy blogging about all the MVs and stuff, i forgot to write about my day at school. lol. but nothing much happened anyway except my dearest pong president has taken to calling me 'Joan Joan' which is kinda annoying cus i don't need another person calling me that in school. pong was hilarious though cus he kept trying to smash but fail miserably. my last 15 minutes was spent playing with my pong teacher advisor. haha. i can see wen jun was gratified when i took over. well, she may be the teacher advisor but she can't even hold her bat properly. lol. but it was good practice for me, in a little way.

currently looking forward to this weekend and next weekend. i'm so gonna be wiped out this saturday from the Amazing Race. then i will be going for the car wash fundraising thing on sunday. i can imagine how dead tired i would be. x/

and next weekend, i will be going down to KL. primary purpose: to hunt for my BIG BANG stuffs. xD will be there for a week. so yea, if anyone wanna meet up, lemme know. (:

and since JoonY said that my blog is boring, i shall spam this post with my beloved Kwon Ji Yong and other just a tiny bit fraction less beloved members of BIG BANG.

GDTOP! <33 href=""> new hairstyle he's hiding. i wanna see!

and i shall end with this.

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