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Sunday, November 16, 2008
yes yes! BIG BANG won the Best Male Group and the Artist Of The Year and some Digital Award in MKMF. yay! CONGRATS! haha. i'm so high on them plus they looked sizzling (lol. what a word to use.) but yeaaaa, with the fur and the stage they performed with Hyori, uhhhhh, they could have melted ice off both North and South Poles. xDD oh my G! i had to bite my fingers from screaming out loud. ahhh, how am i gonna go to sleep now?!
neway. moving on. *freakin screaming in head cus still not over from what she saw* erm. today's the second day in KL and i have watched Mama Mia! and Camp Rock. have bought myself a 4gb pendrive, one pair of earrings and a ring. have tried on weird nail polish.

Jill's fault.

and now my fingernails are GREEN and my toenails, ORANGE! xD

the one on the top right is my sis'. the pink nails ones are Cammie's. a cookie to the one who can guess which ones are mine. looks like an upside down tree, no?

camwhoring in Subang Parade's toilet.

can't wait to go to Times Square. will be going to play pong with Dad tmr though.

its late. good night. happy hols!

hopefully this pic will tide y'all over till the next post. (;

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