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Saturday, November 22, 2008
okay. so that wasn't a very normal post.

erm. posts and pics bout the Genting trip can be found in Jill's blog and Cammie's. so i shan't put any pics up. just my version of our trip.

we went on most of the rides, the important fun creepy extreme ones at least. rained a lot, so the rides kept stopping but we did it! we sat 4 out of the 5 top 5 rating rides that was stated in the pamphlet. like the Space Shot which is bout 20 storeys high or something. thinking bout it now is making my hands shake. i will always remember how it feels like falling down like that. it wasn't a nice feeling. the only thing we didn't go for was the one we had to pay extra to get on. LOL.

and since there were 3 of us and most rides needed pairs, each of us took turns sitting alone or with strangers. met clowns that weren't scary although it seemed like they were more friendlier towards foreigners. bleh.

it wasn't that cold but since it rained a lot, it was really misty too. there was a point when you go higher in the Space Shot ride that you can't see anything. uhhh, scary. i don't ever wanna sit on thing ever again.

oh yaaaa, we were in the Corkscrew ride and it started by going uphill and in the middle of it, it stopped! and the two fellas came and told us to check our belts and that we didn't bring our cameras on the ride. seriously, we were slanting 45 degrees and they stopped the train to tell us, "Check your belts, we don't want you to fall out." =.=

right. that was Wednesday. on Thursday, we headed down to Berjaya Times Square. to do what? buy BIG BANG stuff of course. which is what we did and now we are broke because of that. but its worth it. kinda. xD we bought REMEMBER which is their latest album, a poster and some keychain like thing. no pics yet. don't wanna make y'all jealous. xDD

and today was an eventless day. went over to Sunway cus we thought we could get a free bowling game but we ended up walking around Sunway for 4 hours, BIG BANG-ing and people watching at the same time.

btw, Heroes Season 3 is awesome. go watch! haha.
good night. God Bless.

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