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Tuesday, November 11, 2008
just ended my phone call with Jeet-Jeet. man, i definitely miss our time in school. guess what was the first thing we talked about? GUYS! hahahaha. yeaaaa, i definitely miss her and her weird nonsense. this picky girl will never get a boyfriend with all her criterias and must haves of her ideal bf. xD makes me miss the gang laa. must meet up during hols.

wahhhh, Ned in Ghost Whisperer is sooo cute. xDD
right. neway, today was the first day of SPM. me and jenny as usual, "Ahhh, that could have been us." and "Well, we were there, last year." and all that.

oh my goshhhhhh. GD is so killing me in this CF. *dies* watch!

hmmm. gtg. 3 more days till school's officially ends.
night. (:
twinkle twinkle.


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