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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

saturday evening, we went to the youth meeting in ACTS church. quite a nice place and the ppl were friendly. i wonder how can ppl be so friendly sometimes and so high? hmmmm.
came back from kl on sunday.
been in Kristal's house on Monday. am still in Kristal's house. discussing bout camp and stuff. although that wasn't what we did at first cus we got distracted by you guess it, BIG BANG! xD imagine a whole afternoon of spazzing and flailing and not to mention, screaming girls in a room over the quote Pn Kwan, "beautiful things" we saw. LOL. fun times.

its only been one week plus since hols started. which is good btw. i don't wanna go back to school. ever. (:

neway, i have nothing else to write really. won't be blogging much cus BB Annual Camp is this friday. will update next week. tata.

p.s has SPM ended? lol.



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