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Wednesday, November 05, 2008
Fai's tag. cus i did this tag before, i'll just answer the questions that weren't in it.

15. Where would ur ultimate vacation spot be?
GD's room. with GD in it of course. xP

18. What will you become in another 10 years to come?
i'd just be glad if i'm not dead then.

19. What is your lucky number?
don't really have one but if i must, it'll be 9.

20. What are you hunting for?
BIG BANG stuffs!


funeral went well. how else would it have went?
i miss my great grandma.

the good thing from the funeral was most of the family members came back. i got to miss school for two days. i couldn't bathe for two days. wait, that's a bad thing actually. =.=

little facts i noticed during these few days.

1. my great grandma doesn't smile very often but when she does, its a really nice smile. (:
2. my uncle blushes really red when he cries and his cheeks stay pink for quite a while even after he finished crying. and he looks really old since the last time i saw him.
3. my grandfather has become very animated since staying in Spore.
4. my grandmother has become even more blur since she went to Spore but her hearing is still very good. my great grandma's hearing was very good too despite her old age. she was 86.
5. i have such distant relatives, i think i should run a blood check on my future husband to make sure he's not in some way related to me. LOL.
6. Jill loves asking why.
7. everyone adores labelling me and Jill as bananas. and then they'll go into this lecture of how it is important to learn the chinese language and how it would be embarassing not to know how to speak our mother tongue.

yea, that's bout it. although it was a funeral, it feels good to have everyone back here. felt like a family. and i got to see a pic of my great grandpa. quite good looking. xD

one bad thing other than the fact that it was a funeral is i had tons and tons of mosquitoe bites. my pretty legs are now scarred. x/
i think i missed quite a lot of things in school. but i don't feel like going. gah. on the bright side, school ends in one week and 3 days time. yay!
this it. night!


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