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Friday, October 31, 2008
would you believe me if i said that i haven't slept for 31 hours? i haven't even closed my eyes to take a nap or anyhting. seriously, i'm going crazy. but i need that sleep now. uhhh, jenny's bugging me bout the stooopid laporan aktiviti.

btw, i'm blogging from Beh's house. LOL. at 12.59am. cookie baking with Pei Qin, Jenny and Beh. so far successful. thank God. (:

Jian Ai joined us for a while and something bad happened. her bag got stolen from her car while she was in the house. yea, sucks right? sigh.

Jill will be leaving and i'm gonna be stuck alone in the house sort of. its a good thing actually. lol.

please pray that the BB and GB Christmas celebration will go well.

GOODNIGHT. Sweet dreams.

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