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Tuesday, October 14, 2008
surprise surprise! yes, i'm back. well, kinda anyway. i've been away for so long, i couldn't resist blogging since i'm in my grandaunt's place now and i don't really wanna read my bio. xP

wow, i've been away for 11 days. but let me tell you a lil secret. i actually have been coming online selang seli, a few days here and there cus as serene says, old habits die hard. lol. nahhh, i was just online so that i could keep myself updated on BIG BANG stuff. xDD

anyway, i shall update a bit.

erm. first thing first, today is the second day into my end term exams. yesterday was Muet Writing and PA p2. it was HORRIBLE. i didn't have enough time to finish my essays and my second PA essay was like written halfway. i'm pretty sure Mr Mah is gonna have a field day marking my paper and then tell me i'm a terrible shallow student and he's not gonna teach my class anymore. i could have done well in my English but seriously, what was i to write about "Our dependance on technology has made us prisoners of progress"?! plus i woke up with slight fever that day. bahhhhh.

then today we had Chem p2. you may not know this but its my worst subject. i'm just praying i won't fail. after recess, we had Muet Listening. i'm telling you whoever they got to speak on those are really horrible speakers. they can't even pronounce properly and some of them mumble. and its so obvious they are Malaysian, no offence but they have that slang and it sounded so unprofessional and un-exam like. Jenny and I were like complaining like crazy after it ended. lol.

second thing, my mum found a job! finally. i really really pray this will work out well for her. sigh. now noone's gonna clean the house anymore. and soon, we'll have to iron our own clothes and sweep the floor. T_T hahaha. i'm not that lazy la kay. just that my mum was so free last time, she usually do all that.

third thing. i went with my mum and her Rotary Club to this orang asli project in Gopeng last Sunday. quite an experience i guess. it was a Klinik Kesihatan dan Pergigigian for the orang asli living there. was there from 8am to 1pm. there was this woman that came to the clinic and she was carrying her baby. really adorable with big brown eyes wearing a lil beanie with ears on it. my mum couldn't resist and asked to carry the baby. then she carried her out but the baby got snatched away by Pn Siva. lol. you know, the baby only smiles at me! *hums Narambarahwa xDD* and i keep calling the baby "the baby" cus i dunno whether its a girl or a boy. LOL. i think its a boy though.
had lunch in MyGopeng Resort which then reminded me of the good times i had during YACF camp. was busy telling my mum bout all the things i did there. haha. i think she got bored of me.

yea, i think this about all of the things i wanna blog about. will be back next week.

ran out of words, running out of sighs
got my head filled with love, got my heart beating miles
i'm all smiles and giggles, getting high on you
its a long way down but i'm holding on
cuz you're the Number 1 for me.

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