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BIG News!
Tuesday, October 28, 2008
can you see?! ITS MY NAME ON HIS FREKIN' SHIRT! and Jill's. kinda cus there's one L missing. but oh my ... i was near to a freakin' heart attack when i saw this. had to stop myself from hyperventilating or ppl's gonna think i'm having some serious asthma attack since i'm in IMAX now.

AHHHHHHHH! my name is on his shirt! i think i'm gonna faint. my head's going dizzy.
anyway, Pameran Kerjaya went quite well, i would say. good response and lots of filling up forms.
the cookie baking on saturday wasn't as successful though. lol. we have definitely no future in the baking industry. eek.
oops, gtg.
will be back soon.


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