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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

If i had never skipped my Std 4 cus of PTS, i would most likely be worrying along with all my F5 friends. reading all those ppl blogging about SPM is really kinda depressing but at the same time, i'm also really glad i'm not in their shoes. i've walked that road before and so all i have to say is (as encouragement to y'all SPM-ers) that this road will reach its end and soon, you won't even be stepping into school anymore. your suffering is temporary. be patient! you can do it! xDD

its scary sometimes when i think about how my life would be if i had never skipped std 4. there would be so many wonderful ppl that i'll never know and so many happy, fun and life-changing and even horrible moments that i would have missed. somehow i just can't imagine not being where i am now. i guess that's where God comes in. this is His path for me.

see, all those posts are making me emo.

bleh. i'm going to go GD-fy myself.
and type minutes on meetings that don't exist.

one thing good about blogspot is that it saves your draft. so you don't have to retype if your comp jams or something like how i would have to in xanga last time. (: the not good part is when you upload pictures and it changes your whole post. now that's annoying. /:

Pameran Kerjaya is tomorrow! eek. lets pray it'll go well.

Good Night.


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