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Wednesday, September 24, 2008
my great-grandmother is in the old folks' home adi. ): i pray she will be fine.

my mum wants to steal our old house's number plate.

i am listening to The Script's The Man That Can't Be Moved on rewind.

ehhh, Ps Potato, why do you have so much time to write your story?

i joined YouthSays. looks interesting and so far i earned RM0.50. xD

girls should learn how to fight. or maybe they should be given screaming lessons.

i wanna go clubbing. i wanna go marry GD.

okay. i take back the first one. but the second one, no way. and since i'm older than you, Ed, you're so not getting him before me and a million other girls. oh yesss, i'm so gonna go marry that freakin' hawt fella.

who's your favourite Malaysian blogger?

TOP likes toys.

Entertainment Weekly. more like Entertainment Every Second of our Everyday.

Wayne didn't give me his shirt. sob.

i still want a Deviruchi beanie.

and a dictionary.

did i mention that i had my MUET yesterday? i hope i did well. choosing a chairman sucks.

poor Kenneth today.

another pile of work/worries decided to pile itself on me again.


minutes minutes minutes.

i gtg.

i am weak but He is strong.


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