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Thursday, September 18, 2008
yes. i decided to move here. at least for a while until xanga stops being so slow. i like xanga. except when its being slow. =.=

so. my birthday is coming.

i want a DEVIRUCHI beanie!

and i still want a dictionary.
and a BIG BANG poster please. (:
and other expensive stuffs noone's gonna get me.
school has been the same. homework and koko stuff.
farewell's this friday. hope it will go well.

lol. i'm so sorry but i so needed to post this. if you're not a BIG BANG fan, no need to touch it. but if you are, 1:44! must watch. *melts*

neway. haven't been blogging much due to tortoise xanga. i think i'm losing my touch adi. xD

cya soon. night. God Bless!

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