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officially 17.
Sunday, September 21, 2008
yup, its over. one year older, one year wiser?

well. my birthday was okay. as expected or maybe not cus i was a tad bit more optimistic that my dad would remember my birthday (not that it mattered), well he didn't. thought they all came back from KL to celebrate for me. but no, my dad came back to eat roasted pork. yay! =.=

we went to the bakery to buy me a cake and my dad was like "what are we doing here?" sigh. takpe takpe. i still liked my birthday. cuzzz i got a lot of birthday wishes this year! xDD

verbal, sms-es, calls, emails, Friendster testimonials, hugs and any other form of wishes were the ones that made my day, even the belated ones. ((:

so, here's a real big THANK YOU to all who absolutely made my day that much brighter!

birthday presents include white pants from Mum, a slice of Classic Cheese from Jill, money from Grandma and Grandaunt and Dad? and of course, the most important one, JI YONG from Ed! xDD

had three birthday cakes for my bday this year. lol. and let me stress again, LOADS and LOADS of birthday wishes. the most i've got in my 17 years of life. THANKS again! *really big huge smile*

gtg. byeeeeeee.


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