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All i have are words to take your heart away.
high on pong adrenaline.
Thursday, September 25, 2008
lol. played pong today till i forgot the time. hmmm. i need to improve my skills. have been staying back this whole week and running around looking for ppl. eek. exams! 0.0 will be on hiatus starting this hols cuz i really want to do well in my exams and the only way is to study like crazy during the hols. sigh. on the bright side, i got a birthday card from Hong today. ((:

GD spam. lol. i know you ppl are getting tired of me adi. but i don't care. xP

yes, that's GD smooching TaeYang. xDD

isn't it nice if everyday you have one thing or another that makes you happy, that keeps you smiling? i'm glad i have those one thing or another. (: my secret to happiness.

if you died today, would you be able to say at least you did what you wanted to do?

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