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Saturday, September 20, 2008

yeaaa, its my BIRTHDAY and i'm high. kinda. cus i'm hungry too and that cuts my high. neway. yesterday as in Friday was pretty awesome. i just wanna proclaim God's amazing GOODNESS. i was pretty stressed bout the farewell. some things weren't done yet and its my fault. so i was kinda worried. but God [duh!] was so very kind to me. actually He was more than kind, He provided for me. PRAISE HIM! so in a nutshell, yesterday was an awesome awesome day.

the farewell party went quite well. most of us got wet. xD all the food were finished. worship was good too. my first time doing the slide thing. LOL. then i was like high. and i felt that despite a few things that i didn't do like buy aluminium foil or get more coal or buy chili sauce, everything else went graciously fine. a big smile to that. (:

and everyone i know seems to be moving to blogspot. haha.

and and my mum and sis celebrated my birthday just now. hehe. with a small black forest cake.

then i had loads of birthday messages coming in. i mean, its more than last year's. and a few phone calls too. ((:

my dad's coming down later today. btw, i'm writing this at 1.47am on 20th sept. hmmm. i have a feeeling its gonna be quite a nice birthday for me. *crosses finger*

that's it for now. might blog later. like after my birthday ends. awww.

night y'all. GOD BLESS!


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