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Sunday, December 02, 2007
like duh! i know that's a cliche but hear me out:

today me and my family went out for grocery shopping. then my mum suggested that we go eat cus she was craving for cheese. so we ended up in secret recipe and we ordered this set where the drink was 7-up. me, being a non-drinker of gassy drinks was thirsty the whole time we were eating.

during dessert, my mum gave me some money to go buy a bottle of water. so me and my sis went to watson's and got it. paid, walked out and tried opening the bottle. couldn't so i gave it to my sis. she couldn't either.

so i prayed, " Lord, please give my sis the strength to open the stupid bottle cus i'm really thirsty."

yes, its a little thing to pray about but i was really thirsty. neway we kept trying. even considered asking for some guy's help but finally, yes finally, my sis managed to open it.

praise the Lord! He actually answered my prayer eventhough its not some big, life-threatening thing.

cool rite?? the simplest, most mediocre and even seemingly useless requests, if prayed to God, He will definitely hear and respond.

i find it so reassuring that He listens even to the smallest thing such as opening a bottle of water and actually answered that prayer.

this shows that if you believe in what you pray, even the tiniest or most ridiclous prayers will be heard and answered. faith is all it takes.


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