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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

wheeee~ its Christmas.

to be continued~

okay. lets continue. lol.

God became man to die for us.

Jesus' one sole purpose of His existence on earth was to suffer and die on the cross to give us life.
by us, i mean you, the reader and me, and every living human being on earth.

He was born to die.

A good man would die for another whom he sees worthy to die for. but Jesus, He died for us even when we were unworthy in every way.

imagine with me.
imagine you were born and when you were old enough to speak an understand words, someone tells you that you are to die. not only that, you are to suffer and be persecuted. not only are you living to die a very painful death, you are to die for people who have done wrong to you.

i mean seriously?!
but that's what Jesus did.

He loved and He loves.

indeed Worthy is the lamb that was slain

and Great joy to the world was His birth and His life

for without Him, how could we have lived?


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